Hickory Dickory Dash

Scholastic 2017

About the book

Hickory Dickory Dash NSS

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Hickory Dickory Dash is the follow up title to The Cow Tripped Over the Moon. Like it’s predecessor, it was selected by ALIA as the National Simultaneous Storytime book, which means that across Australia and New Zealand, on 23rd May 2018 at 11am AEST, maybe a million kids will be reading this book, all at the same time! It’s very exciting. At the time of writing, registrations stood at 980,000.

Like Cow, it’s a backstory to a nursery rhyme. This time, it’s Hickory Dickory Dock, and I chose to adopt this one because it had a handy time deadline built in! The 1am BONG of the clock seemed to be a natural climax.

From there, it was influenced by ‘The Book With No Pictures’ which I was reading a lot to my kids at the time I wrote Hickory. I loved the loud silly noises in that title. The onomatopoeia for each Hickory dickory line came from that. I also like the room-by-room experience of the 80s Australian picture book, Possum in the House (and Peepo for that matter), and the separation anxiety of Owl Babies and Are You My Mother. And I can’t forget my own book ‘The Cow Tripped Over the Moon’. I loved the time stamps in that one , and that is continued with Hickory Dickory Dash.

Laura Wood’s illustrations are incredible. She is so talented when it comes to shadow and nighttime. My great contribution to the illustrations is to send her a picture of my dishwasher!

HDD 11-12She used it as the basis for this illustration. Laura’s drawn kitchen is neater than mine, although unfortunately, right at the time of posting this, my real kitchen has at least as many mice! Hmmmm. There’s a stark contrast in the love I have for story book mice (Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh is among my all time faves), versus real life mice. I’m quite the hypocrite!

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hickory dickory dash