Red Ned

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You might know the tale of a Kelly named Ned
A bushranger type with a can on his head
He roamed the wild country and caused loads of strife
And went to his death with the words ‘such is life’.

A lesser known story is that of Jed Kelly
Who lived in the suburb of Indooroopilli,
A regular eight-year-old boy was young Jed
Except for wild hair that was red, red, red, RED!

This is my Ned Kelly story, set in Queensland suburbia, and starring a kid with a self acquired disastrous haircut who is walking around with a wastepaper bin on his head. The illustrations are by the superbly talented Heath McKenzie of ‘Don’t Open This Book’ fame.

Funny, a bit silly, rhyming, with a message aimed towards being satisfied with who we are.

‘You are who you are, that’s the truth, such is life!’

10 page 18-1917 page 32-3318 page 34

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