Corona Karma Book Packs

I decided to offer some more free karma book packs for families back in lockdown.
Some of the karma is from you to me by buying stock I have on hand that will no longer be sold at author and MC speaking gigs, because there won’t be any for a while!They are the paid packs A-G.
The other is an offer from me to families who have been locked down for a second time and would enjoy a free signed book pack. There’s no need for any explanations. In my view, anyone in lockdown this second time is taking a massive hit for all of us. I’d love to brighten your day with something nice in the post. Just email or message me ‘karma pack + address’ for yourself or a friend /relative, and the books from Pack H will arrive.
I’ve got twenty of these to deliver.(80 books)
Here’s the full range of packs. The free pack is at the bottom. You can buy individual books too if that’s your choice, especially a signed ‘1989 The Great Grand Final’ which is $35 including postage.
Here’s how I’ve divided them up (with original RRP at time of release). I’ll set it out on my website too.
pACK a
Lockdown Pack A (Adult): Cost $90 plus postage)
1989: The Great Grand Final (non fiction $33)
Making News (novel about UK tabloid news misbehaviour $28)
Players (novel about Footy Show misbehaviour $23)
Australia United: Adventures at World Cup Germany $20
B Family footy 2
Lockdown Pack B (Family footy pack) $90 plus postage
1989 The Great Grand Final $33
Players $23
Galahs DVD $20
Speccy-tacular AFL Stories $17 (Compilation: mine is called Bontempelli and Jong)
The Selwood Boys – The Miracle Goal $15
A Boy Called Bob (signed by Bob Murphy) $18
Can choose different Selwood title. Can swap Players for Making News or Australia United. For box Set of Selwoods add $25 to total.
C soccer
Lockdown Pack C (Soccer/football pack) $40 plus postage
Australia United
Making News
Stuff Happens Jack
D Funny
Lockdown Pack D (Upper Primary Funny Pack) $100 plus postage
Red Ned (hardback) $20
Laugh Your Head Off Again $20 (Compilation includes Andy Griffiths, mine is ‘The Saucerer’s Apprentice’ about a Vampie seagull.
Laugh Your Head Off Again and Again $20 (Compilation mine, Sir Bum)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat (mine, St Reginald’s School for Children Who Only Eat Plain Pasta)
Stuff Happens Jack $10
The Selwood Boys, The Miracle Goal $15
Add $25 for Selwood Box Set
E Footy Kids
Lockdown Pack E (Upper Primary Footy Pack) $90 plus postage
The Selwood Boys 1-4 ($60)
A Boy Called Bob (signed by co author Bob Murphy) ($18)
Speccytacular Footy Stories $17 (Compilation: mine is called Bentempelli and Jong)
Stuff Happens Jack $15
F Lower primary
Lockdown Pack F (Lower Primary) $100 plus postage
Harry Highpants (paperback) ($15)
Red Ned (hb) ($20)
The Minister for Traffic Lights $20 (hb)
The Emperor’s New Clothes Horse $25 (hb)
Emo the Emu (pb) $25
Stuff Happens Jack $15
The Selwood Boys: The Miracle Goal $15
G Early childhood
Lockdown Pack G (Early Childhood) $90 plus postage
The Cow Tripped Over the Moon (hb) $25
Hickory Dickory Dash (hb) $20
Baa Baa Blue Sheep (hb) $20
Harry Highpants (pb) $15
Emo the Emu (hb) $25
H Karma
Karma Pack H $0 (free & no postage charge)
Making News
Harry Highpants (pb)
Stuff Happens: Jack
The Selwood Boys: The Miracle Goal
If anyone wants to add $10 to help cover postage on the free packs, that would also be gratefully accepted.
Email me, PM on facebook or DM on Twitter. Swap me an address for a bank account. I’ll drop off if local to Northcote (to porch, no chats!) but otherwise post.
All the best, stay well, may this memorable and terrible time pass quickly.
If you are contacting me to say that Shakespeare wrote King Lear during the plague, thank you and yes I know.