CBCA 2015: Each, Peach, Pear, Figs

I was MC of the CBCA Children’s Book of the Year Awards today. I wrote a poem to honour many of the nominees. Here it is:

each peach mangled

Each Peach Pear Figs
I spy Karen Briggs
Karen Briggs left and right
I spy Scary Night
Scary Night, Stephen King
Judith Rossell, Withering
By the sea, lovely Stella
I spy Trace Balla
Trace Balla’s Rivertime
I spy … an easy rhyme
Easy rhyme coming atcha
I spy Robin Cowcher
Robin Cowcher, so awesome
Snip Green’s Douglas Mawson
Girl that’s lost
Have you seen her?
This rhyme gets longer
I spy Christine Bongers
Christine Bongers in the hood
I spy Freya Blackwood
Freya Blackwood who can best her?
I spy A Lester
Noni heading for the beach
Longer now than Each, Peach
Bruce Whatley, Jackie French
Metzenthen, he’s a mensch
Stone Lion, Margaret Wild
Loved by every child
Bill Condon, Simple Things
He also often wins
Snail and Turtle Still Friends
Stephen Michael King again
Tony Wilson and his Cow
Self promoting, out now
Aaron Blabey’s Pug is Piggy
I spy brave Figgy.
Brave Figgy in the world
I spy Cinammin Girl
Winners will give thanks
Will it be Tristian Bancks?
Two Wolves out hunting
They spy baby bunting
Baby bunting torn apart
Each, Peach, rated R
Bleak boy in the rain
Libby Gleeson’s name again!
Books on war – not so cheery
One by Michael Camilleri
Older readers, teenage cares
I spy two Claires
Two Claires, both respected
I spy The Protected
Other Claire, and her Nona
Both deserve sticker honour
Can The Minnow win the day?
Hashtag Love – OzYA!
Jesse get the eff to sleep
I spy the … Green Sheep
Green Sheep by the door
Here since 2004
Who was huge even then?
I spy Robert Ingpen
Robert Ingpen, Enid Blyton
Enid Blyton rhymes with Crichton
Crichton Medal, illustration
Draw the face that stops the nation
Children’s books, special day
Each peach, pear, plum
Good luck, everyone.

Here are the winners of the awards for 2015.


Freya Blackwood winning Best Picture Book, 2015. She won in three categories. Amazing.

Freya Blackwood winning Best Picture Book, 2015. She won in three categories. Amazing.

The Cow Tripped Over the Moon

Scholastic, 2015

Hey diddle diddle
You all know the riddle
A cow jumps over the moon
It happened all right
On a crisp, cloudless night
On the second last Friday in June read more…

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