Cow and the Great Australian Storybook Collection

Pleased to hear that Laura’s and my book, The Cow Tripped Over the Moon, is part of the New Ltd Great Australian Storybook Collection.

The collection is one of those ‘take token to your newsletter’ type arrangements and you get a collector album, and a new book for $2.70 each day for 14 days, starting 9 February 2020. .

If you enjoy Cow, Hickory Dickory Dash and Baa Baa Blue Sheep are similar in look and tone, and are backstories to famous nursery rhymes. Laura and I have a fourth in the series, ‘Humpty Dumpty Sat on the Slide’ which comes out in 2020. Order online or at local bookshop. Alternatively, email me and I will post signed copies which make nice gifts for that 2-6 year old. ($25 each, plus postage, $60 for all three)

web header cowhickory dickory dashbaa baa blue sheep thumbMy son has cerebral palsy and with it’s theme of perseverance, the Cow Tripped Over the Moon is dedicated to him. I like this clip of us reading it together.

Cow has now received a few accolades. It was a CBCA Honour Book in 2016, it was the National Simultaneous Storytime book in 2017, and now it gets this 100,000 strong reprint.

International rights ex A/NZ available. They have reverted to myself and Laura.

The Cow Tripped Over the Moon

Scholastic, 2015

Hey diddle diddle
You all know the riddle
A cow jumps over the moon
It happened all right
On a crisp, cloudless night
On the second last Friday in June read more…

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