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I filled in on ‘Mutistoried’ over the past summer, interviewing some of my favourite writing talents, both here and overseas.

steve hely

Steve Hely, Thurber Prize winning author of ‘How I Became a Famous Novellist and writer on ’30 Rock’, ‘The Office’ and ‘American Dad’.

Steve talked about writing for the Harvard Lampoon, ‘the secret to its success is that nobody should ever read it’, and his start at David Letterman.




shane moloney

Shane Moloney, author of the Murray Whelan series, and also ‘Encounters’ series in The Monthly.

Shane tells some good Peter Cook stories, as well sharing the time he was strangled by a Strangler.




James-PhelanJames Phelan, thriller writer and author of the Lachlan Fox and Jed Walker novels. He’s also had a smash hit YA series, ‘The Last Thirteen’. Has sold over a million books.

Tells a great story about getting some career advice from George Harrison, while he was working the desk at The Windsor.




sarah weinmanSarah Weinman is editor of Publisher’s Marketplace in New York. She’s edited ‘Troubled Daughters, Twisted Wives, Stories from the Trailblazers of Domestic Suspense’.

She tells the true crime story of ‘The Real Lolita’, the tragic tale of Sally Horner who was abducted in the late 40s, and whose story was some inspiration of Vladimir Nabokov. Sarah wrote the article for Hazlitt magazine.


andrew rule

Andrew Rule, mainly with co-author John Silvester has written over 35 books, including the ‘Underbelly’ series. He’s also a Gold Walkley winning journalist, who chased the famous Denis Tanner and Geoff Clark stories.

Tells the interesting story here of a bloke at his home town of Lake Tyers, who kicked 43 goals in a game.





anna krienAnna Krien talks about her career. From writing student, to newspaper cadet, to award winning author of ‘Into the Woods’, ‘Us and Them’ and ‘Night Games’, which one the William Hill award for best sport book in the world last year.

Anna tells us how much she really wishes she knew shorthand. I also get to take complete credit for ‘Night Games’, as the ‘voice of footy culture’ she interspersed throughout.




tony martin

Finished the Multistoried fill with a ‘Two Tones’ redux. Tony Martin came in talk about books, and TV shows, generally, fascinatingly, as always.

Justin Hazelwood, author of ‘Funemployed’, was in studio too.





Here are my old ‘farewell songs’ to various Breakfasters.

If I Were John Safran, November 2002, St Kilda Bowling Club by byTonyWilson

Gus the Magic Actor, April 2004, Triple R Studios Fitzroy  by byTonyWilson

The Last Sam’s Song

A Day in My Life

Road to Nowhere 1999-2002

After a couple of years doing Graveyards with Andrew Harvey, our break together was a travel show on Tuesday nights. The best interview we ever did was with Great Escaper, Bill Fordyce.

Bill Fordyce, Great Escaper, Part 1 by byTonyWilson

Bill Fordyce, Great Escaper, Part 2 by byTonyWilson

Bill Fordyce, Great Escaper, Part 3 by byTonyWilson

Bill Fordyce, Great Escaper, Part 4 by byTonyWilson