Red Ned & Harry Highpants

Over the last few months I’ve released one new title, and reprinted an old favourite.

Red Ned is illustrated by Heath McKenzie (Don’t Open This Book) and published by Lake Press. It asks the important question, what if you had bright red har, hated it, burnt it off by misapplyiing bleach, panicked, sought out a barber while wearing a bin on your head, and were mistaken for Ned Kelly.

A book about accepting who we are, and not wanting to be someone else. You can buy it here.

‘You are who you are, that’s the truth, such is life’


Harry Red NedThat’s my son Harry holding Red Ned.

On the subject of Harry’s, the title Harry Highpants is the one I get the most requests for over the years. For a while now, it’s been unavailable from its original publisher, Scholastic. Fior it’s 10th birthday, I decided to reprint it myself. It’s a story about freedom, protest, democracy, self expression, diversity, revolution, and PANTS!

In the words of one librarian – “We love Harry Highpants as a text for exploring persuasive writing.”

If you’d like to freshen up your library copy, or meet Harry Highpants for the first time, send me an email via the contact tab on this website. It’s $15 plus $7 postage for a signed copy within Australia. We can exchange address and account details, and you can be part of the movement for pants freedom.

Hartry highpants 10

Harry Highpants

Scholastic 2007

To read about or to purchase Harry, visit my new children’s book website. Harry Highpants lives in a town where read more…

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