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I’ve spoken to kids in every year of primary and secondary school, and am so good at entertaining them that only Year 9s and 10s will exaggeratedly yawn and put heads on desks. And even they will still be listening. And laughing. But they’ll be doing it with their heads on the desk, so they look cool to friends, who will also have their heads on their desks.

If it’s a motivational brief, I’ll discuss the disappointment of missing out on an AFL dream, and the effort it took to find a creative path that made me happy. In these talks, I’ll often show a video or two from Race Around the World.

If it’s a writing focus, I’ll discuss the ‘what if’ that forms a book idea, and how this is the same whether it’s a picture book, or a novel. The kids and I often write stories together, and we share the process of structuring a beginning, middle and end.

Harry Highpants fans. Chanting for pants freedom.

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Tony Wilson was great.  The Year 12 students really enjoyed his presentation which included his very interesting life story, career highs and lows.  There were lots of life lessons interjected with much humour and intelligence.  Feedback from the students indicated his presentation was one of the highlights of the day.

He pitched his presentation exactly right and we would not hesitate to use Tony for the same presentation next year.

” - Jennie Young, Westbourne Grammar School
Tony Wilson was the main draw card at two of our children’s week events last week in Nillumbik. The children and adults loved Tony’s engaging and entertaining story telling. They were fascinated with the real life traffic light which flashed Mauve during the reading of The Minister for Traffic Lights. We were thrilled to have had Tony as part of our children’s week celebrations in Nillumbik.” - Nillumbik City Council
“Well judged in terms of tone, content and length, Tony Wilson enthralled an audience of almost 800 people with his fine mix of acute wit, consisted advice, subtle motivation and relevant anecdote. ” - Tony Larkin, Principal, PEGS
“Tony’s speech provided a most entertaining and inspiring beginning to what proved to be a marvellous event for young Australians to participate in the current debates on Australian constitutional issues.” - Donald McDonald, Chairman, Constitutional Centenary Foundation