Dimensions: On The Move

Despite being the sort of person who inspires mechanics to cackle wickedly and clap their hands together in greedy enthusiasm the minute I walk into a workshop, in 2000 I worked on a motoring show. I was assigned the ‘On the Move’ oddballs, like Tractor collectors, model railway enthusiasts and Balsa Battleship nerds.

The best line I have ever drawn out of an interviewee comes from the first of these stories: [about wife] ‘But she can’t say a real lot, she does collect dolls and chainsaws’.

Tractor Man, Port Arthur, Tasmania

The Last Fine, Parking Officer

Parliament House Mail Train

Alpenrail, Tasmania

Big Love, Newman Mining Trucks

Crash Test Family, Autoliv

Stuntman Clarrie Jones

Tanks Training Exercise, Darwin

Loudest Car Stereo Competition, Autosalon

Bobcat Ballet, Adelaide

Balsa Battleships, Canberra