Race Around the World

‘Race Around the World’ was a documentary making travel show screen on the ABC in 1997 and 1998. Eight contestants were selected (from an initial field of 20,000) to produce a four minute mini documentary from a different place in the world each week. I visited ten countries in 100 days, travelling completely along with just a Sennheiser microphone and a Panasonic DX100 video camera. The footage was then manually shotlisted, an edit script written with to-the-second instructions, and a package sent back to the ABC in Sydney. The documentary was then edited and screened in front of a live audience, and a panel of film experts. I was the winner of the second series.

Meet The Racer – Tony Wilson

Story 1, La Paz Bolivia

Story 2, Boise Idaho

Story 2, Chicken Alaska

Story 4, Milan Italy

Story 5, Kfeir Lebanon

Story 6, Paris France

Story 7, Jerusalem Israel

Story 8, Kisumu Kenya

Story 9, Mumbai India

Story 10, Shanghai China