Santo, Sam and Ed’s Cup Fever

For World Cup South Africa 2010, I travelled to South Africa with cameraman (and creator of this website) Cam Fink, to record one minute segments for this SBS comedy show. Between being politely escorted from a Fabio Capello press conference for being dressed as the pirate Barbarossa and whirling my shirt John Aloisi style in a crowded Capetown restaurant, it was an incredible way to experience an incredible tournament.

Many went to air, but some didn’t, such was the amount of quality material being generated here in Melbourne. Here are some of our pieces, the screened and the unscreened …

Serious Points in Silly Outfits, Chile v Brazil, Johannesburg

Remembering John Aloisi, Uruguay v The Netherlands, Capetown

Longest Goooooal Competition, Spain v Portugal, Johannesburg

Martin Tyler Fantasy Call Challenge for Santo Sam and Ed

The Iron Road, Spain v Portugal, Capetown

Mr Messi, Argentina v Germany, Capetown

5FM Interview, Johannesburg

Llanga Township Sabine, Capetown

Llanga Township, World Cup DVDs, Capetown

Xhosa Translations

Vuvazela History, Durban

Tony and Cam – FIFA World Cup 2010 DVDs